Getting calls in "depth" queue

Hello again,

I have another query regarding how to access calls in the ‘queue’ using the Javascript API. When I say queue in this context I mean calls that are waiting to be presented to agents. I have used the following code to get the calls waiting but it is returning very different properties and objects to what the API states:


Found here:

I found this on what I think is an out of date resource, but I can not find any mention of how to get a similar result using the most up to date documentation hosted here:

At the end of the day, my end goal is to track a call going from the waiting queue to getting presented to an agent who is logged in. If you could advise on how else I could go about this using the Javascript API I would be grateful.

I have tried matching Call IDs from the queue and the Call IDs from the calls that are being presented but the Call IDs seem to change every time it is being presented.

I have also tried using the “uid” of each call (I have no idea what this represents, as it is a different format to what gets pulled when getting the call id of a history object) but these seem to also be completely random and not match up when the call gets presented to the agent.

If anyone could help me with this issue I would be very greatful.

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Hi Tom,

Really sorry I did not answer this more quickly. You are correct that the URL you gave above is out of date.

The answer should be fairly simple.


The Queue objects returned by IPCortex.PBX.queues each have a calls property which returns a call-id keyed object holding all waiting calls. When a call is answered, it will vanish from the queue’s call object and appear on a device (potentially not even a queue related device if it is picked-up with ‘*8’ or similar.)

If you need to join up the queued call and the answered call, the call’s inq and number attributes should match.