Ipcortex_api.js device call events stuck

Hi I setup the IPCortex JS feed integration for a client. One user appears to have a call event coming through for his phone even though the call ended last night.

I think something may have got stuck within the IPCortex system as restarting the phone hasn’t resolved the issue. Is there anywhere I can look for active calls to perhaps drop this call if it’s still appearing? Below is the code I’m using and when I console log the call it keeps coming through for that particular number.

          () => {
            IPCortex.PBX.startFeed(() => {
              let phone = IPCortex.PBX.owned[0]

              phone.addListener('update', function(device) {
                device.calls.forEach(function(call) {
                  Events.$emit('call-event', {
                    uid: call.uid,
                    label: call.label,
                    number: call.number,
                    type: call.party,
                    state: call.state,
                    event: call
            username: username,
            password: password