Keevio plugin API integration with CRM

We notice an error message when we pull data call from keevio to crm . This is happening during the call routing process (when call routes from main phone line and reaches the keevio , it dials in all the logged in keevios but it doesn’t reach the CRM regularly )

Below I have mentioned the error message when a call gets diverted to CRM .

api.js:1270 Uncaught TypeError: c[i].get is not a function
at Class.update (api.js:1270)
at Class.update (api.js:3905)
at Object.parseAf (api.js:7699)
at onMessage (api.js:13472)
at (api.js:13368)

update @ api.js:1270
update @ api.js:3905
parseAf @ api.js:7699
onMessage @ api.js:13472
ws.onmessage @ api.js:13368

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