REST API & Call Recordings


I’m having an issue getting call recordings via the REST API; I keep getting a 404 error when trying to access /rest/call/list. I’m using version 6.1 and according to a another blog topic (found here: API problem with call data) version 6.1 does not work with the documentation you have.

Would someone be able to tell me where I’ve gone wrong? I’m also particularly interested in finding relevant documentation for 6.1, so I don’t have to keep writing new topics to correct my issues.



Hi Tim,

We haven’t versioned the dev docs up to now as they have always tracked latest PBX versions. I appreciate that this doesn’t help you, but from 6.2 onwards the API documentation is versioned at it will be clear which release a call is available from.

The calls you are looking at are available in 6.2 onwards.

Okay. Thanks for your help on that.

So how would I go about getting recordings on 6.1?

Thanks again,


There is no REST API call in 6.1 to do that, so you could either download manually from the web interface using an admin login or scp them off the box using a root login.

A better bet may be to target 6.2?

Okay, I’ll try and scp them. Would you be able to tell me where the recordings are saved?