About the Training category

Doing the ipcortex technical training course? have questions? this is the place to ask them.

This area has active contributions from both ipcortex staff and other folks who are following the training course, general chat is welcome within reason, but the purpose of the forum is to focus on technical questions and answers so please:

  • Search to see if there is a Topic which already contains answers to your question, if not…

  • Start a new Topic Name with a name which is appropriate to your question

  • When you get a good response which fully covers your question then mark it as “answered” so that other people can quickly identify it

Asking for test answers

Engineers who have been through the training course can demonstrate their competence and become certified by ipcortex after taking both an online theory and a hands on practical lab test.

Asking general questions like “what sort of thing comes up on the practical test?” is fine, but please don’t discuss specific detailed questions, answers or scenarios on the current tech training theory or practical tests, this is cheating! We could enter a long diatribe about how you will only be cheating yourself, but please don’t render your qualification worthless by publishing spoilers here. You would also be breaching the tech testing agreement by publishing detailed question or answer content.