High Availability Configuration

When I configure the primary unit for HA when I hit Sync Configuration, I get the following error:

“Invalid value in undefined MAC address”

Both units are virtualised. When I refresh the page however the error disappears. When the system is rebooted, the web service on the primary unit appears to at this point break as I am unable to access it via HTTP/S despite being able to ssh to it.

Does this functionality fully work on virtualised units?

Hi John,

Yes, HA works just the same in both virtual and hardware appliances. The symptoms you describe may occur when the two units are somehow running different firmware versions, but the HA configuration screen should stop you doing this when you are doing it from scratch so it only normally occurs part way through an upgrade process when one unit has been upgraded but the second hasn’t completed yet.

As this sounds quite complicated, the best way to get it resolved is probably to raise a formal support ticket through your normal channel and one of the support team can hop onto one or both units to try and work out what is going on for you.

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