How can I ssh to PBX?

The ssh server is listening on PBX on well-known port 22 (TCP). To connect to PBX there you need ssh client installed on your PC (installed by default on linux). Steps below how to ssh on PBX aims on client with Windows installed.

  1. Download and install putty (from - putty.exe file)
  2. Open putty. Put PBX hostname or IP address in ‘Session’ category, field Host Name. As selection type choose ‘SSH’. (check note *1)
  3. If you connect to server first time you might get and alert that server’s key is not cached in registry. Add key to registry by selecting Yes.
  4. You will be asked for username and password. (username is ‘root’, password is the one you have set during the PABX installation). When writing password no asterisk characters will be printed out. (check note *2)

*1 - If PABX is behind NAT/firewall check with the network administrator what IP/hostname/port is PBX accessible on.
*2 - On more recent installations, the root password is randomised. If it has not been changed, it is necessary to log in to the console using the ‘pabx/pabx’ login, and set the initial root password.