How do I enable Remote access for IPCortex support team

The following services CAN NOT be used to remote administer the VoIPCortex PABX.

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • Team Viewer
  • LogMeIn
  • GoToAssist

Use of these services would mean sending a copy of our X.509 private key to the remote server in order to get full SSH access to the PABX, which is not possible.

SSH via these services is also unusable for efficient diagnostics with the PABX. This is because, for example, keystrokes and command key combinations that are needed are not possible and often the screen will scale and become unreadable.

RDP is a LOT less secure that SSH. In fact there are regularly reported RDP vulnerabilities from Microsoft. Other services operate on the basis of sending your session via a trusted 3rd party.


We would recommend either direct SSH access via an Internet facing IP passing port 22 to the PABX, or preferably, and more safely, RST (Remote Support Tunnel) only requires an outbound port 122/TCP connection from the PABX, and does not need any inbound permissions. It is also only used if enabled by the customer on the PABX webUI. This session times out after approx 2 hours and is more secure than the above mentioned methods.