How do I integrate with Microsoft Lync?

We interoperate with Microsoft Lync for calls using SIP over TCP. This has been tested in our lab environment and also implemented at one stage or another by several resellers.

Nearly all of the complexity of configuring this is at the Lync end and in our experience it takes several man-days of effort to configure a basic Lync installation talking to an external PBX using SIP over TCP, and just a few minutes at the ipcortex PBX end to configure a SIP trunk as SIP over TCP and setup relevant routing rules.

We recommend that resellers attempting this are very familiar with Lync before proceeding. The only support that we can give will be with the PBX config itself, although we would be happy to share some notes that we used when setting up Lync (through the normal support channels) but cannot provide any further assistance at the Lync end of the connection. (Sadly these notes are likely to be out of date regarding modern Lync or Lync equivalent systems.)

Microsoft also has an optional XMPP connection piece available for server-server communication of IM and presence from/to Lync. As the ipcortex PBX includes server-server XMPP this should allow Lync and VoIPCortex to share presence and IM for connected users, but this has not at present been verified by us.