How to configure Bria Softphone

The Bria softphone has some basic provisioning built-in. Basic steps to use this are as follows:

  • If running DHCP on the PABX, go to Globals/DHCP and enable option 120. If not, then you’ll need to enter the PABX hostname into Bria when it starts.
  • To be provisionable, the Bria phone, must be owned, and the phone name must be the same as the owning user’s login name (all in lower case)
  • The user must have a password set.
  • When bria starts, enter the user’s username and password into the popup.

If the above auto provisioning is not being used, then Bria configured the same as X-Lite and Eyebeam. Important notes in that case are:

  • Disable all unused Audio and Video Codecs
  • Disable RTP and RTCP timeout detection