How to configure Linksys ATA devices

NOTE: The currently suggested/available ATA device is the Cisco SPA112

ATA devices (obsolete)

The Linksys range of ATA devices should auto-configure on the IP Cortex PABX. At present we support the SPA1001, SPA2002, SPA2102 and PAP2T. Sometimes they need some coaxing to collect their configuration as follows:

Plug the ATA into the network, power, and a phone handset, and wait until the flashing lights have settled. Dial “****” on the phone, and wait for the voice prompt. Dial “73738#” and wait for the next voice prompt. Dial “1”. The unit will reset to factory defaults.

You now need to wait between 30 seconds and 5 minutes for the unit to collect its initial configuration. This will become apparent when the device appears on the phone-hardware screen of the PABX Web-UI. It will probably also get a dialtone on the handset at this stage.

Once the device is on the PABX, rename the ports to something more meaningful than the MAC address, and associate the device with the correct user. Then repeat the reset cycle once more as above.

After a wait of up to 5 minutes, the dial-tone should return on the handset which should now be fully configured and working.