How to get call recording?


I am using code from this link: to make calls.

I can’t make calls to other then internal extension numbers so please let me know what I need to do to do calls to all numbers?

Moreover; how I can get details(recording file etc.) of Call after completion?

Please help me ASAP.

Hi Abdur,
That seems more like an appliance configuration issue than an API problem as you should be able to make calls to any destination that your phone has permission to call.
What happens if you try to make external calls directly from a handset, or from keevio? are you able to make external calls OK using these, but not via the API, or do they all fail.
What is the serial number of your installation (towards the bottom of the left bar in the web UI)?

Hi Rob,
In Ipcotex call recording feature is not working for us. We have called
on external numbers and internal extension numbers from API as well as
from Keevio. But there is not a single call in call recording tab.

Hi Abdur,
That sounds like a call recording configuration issue. Are you sure you have configured a call recording policy for that user on the call recording tab. Again, what is the serial number of your unit, and have you had the admin that configured it check that it is setup correctly to make external calls, record them etc. This doesn’t sound like an API question?

Hi Rob!

My serial number is “109295”. Please check and guide us what is the reason with unit and why call recording feature in not working for us?

Hi Rob

Can you please tell me that which peice of code will be used to get call information (after completing it). I am using sample code provided on git hub repo. Please advise ASAP. Also if you have skype or any webex then let me know so that we can talk and wrap up asap.


Hi Abdur,
The configuration of call recording is done at a unit config level. You will need to get the person with administrator permission on that system to enable this for you. They should know how to do this, but if they have any problems get them to raise a support ticket through our formal support channel.