I lose my manually added contacts when my phone is restarted?

We don’t support entering contacts directly to the phone. Contacts should only ever be added via the PABX using one of the following methods:

Logged in as admin…

Company/Global entries

  • PABX -> Phonebook Mgmt. -> CSV Upload Entries
  • PABX -> Phonebook Mgmt. -> Additional Entries

Personal entries

  • PABX -> Users -> Manage Phonebook

Logged in as a user…

Personal entries

  • User -> My Details
  • User -> My Details -> CSV Addressbook

This has the advantage of being able to replace a phone in the event of a failure and still retain existing contacts.

Address book order

Handsets normally display the addressbook alphabetically. The address book is filled from the PABX in the following order:

  • Auto-generated (Modified via PABX -> Phonebook Mgmt. -> Ex-directory Status)
  • Company/Global
  • Personal

Please note all phones have a limited number of phonebook entries, once this has been exceeded additional contacts will be ignored.