IPCortex.PBX.owned returns multiple devices


After users are successfully logged in to the API, I want to get their owned phones, so that I can make calls and listen for incoming calls.
The problem is that when I call: IPCortex.PBX.owned I get an array of 3-4 phones.
The setup on the hosted pbx is correct in the sense that each extension belongs to a user and each phone is owned by a user. There are a couple of numbers however that are groups and ring multiple people, but still when I hover over the phones in that group, it still says ‘Owner: Lisa’ for instance, so I don’t understand why IPCortex.PBX.owned would return many devices.


Hi Anthony,

IPCortex.PBX.owned and IPCortex.PBX.lines both return a list if devices (lines), and not a list of handsets (phones) - The distinction is that a device maps to an “identity” and a multi-line phone may have several. Additionally, a user can own only one physical handset but they can also “own” a keevio-phone, which will be listed alongside this, and if they use Hotdesking, that will appear as an owned line.

You have on the other hand correctly pointed out that the devices listed in owned[] have no reference to the phone that they are part of, and I will endeavour to rectify that in a future release.

Hope that helps,

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your response. So from what I understand, at the moment there is no way to get just the phone owned by the user through the API, is that correct?