IPCortex Pro and Hyper-V

Is there any pro version files of this PBX suited for Hyper V installation? I have converted the VMware files but they simply are not working in this environment.

Can anyone confirm that there is a way to get it to work within Hyper-V and if so can I get some guidance?


Hi John,

For Hyper-V, you will need to start from the 6.0 image as 5.1 is known not to have the necessary driver support.

If you are already starting from the 6.0 image, could you cut and paste any error messages you are seeing here, and we will take a look.


Once I boot the virtual machine in Hyper-V (set to generation 2), I get the following error:

Boot failed. EFI SCSI Device.

This however got me thinking, I then set another virtual machine but set to generation 1. This WILL boot but only when booted from IDE not SCSI (probably because generation 1 virtual machines can only boot from IDE).

I’m now happy its working in Hyper-V however will I see any performance issues using the IDE controller rather than a SCSI controller?

Also does this 6.0 version have all the features an IPCortex Pro has?

Thanks for you help on this.

Hi John,

You shouldn’t see any significant performance delta one way or the other due to the disk driver choice. In any case the only sustained disk intensive operation we know of on the PBX is running call recording or voicemail IO across lots of concurrent channels. If you are not doing this then disk performance really doesn’t matter - CPU resource (dedicated CPUs for low interrupt latency), and network jitter on the other hand are important on all platforms.

The image you have will support all of the normal pro features with a suitable licence, but you really need a Pro disk image which has a bigger audio storage partition if you are doing call recording or non trivial voicemail usage. We should have a native V6 Pro image available for this within 2-3 weeks, at which point you can take a backup off your compact image and restore it onto your newly licenced Pro image so you won’t lose any config you play with in the meantime.

If you weren’t on Hyper-V, you could get to a 6.0 Pro image by installing a 5.1 pro image and upgrading, but you don’t have that option and I can’t think of a way of doing this until we drop a pre-prepared 6.0 image.


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Hi Rob,

I’ve just got round to backing up my config and moving to the larger pro disk image, however I have hit a wall.

When I start the restore process on the new vm, I get the “Restore reports failure! Please check system state!” error message.

Is this related to the fact that this new unit doesn’t have a licence as I only have the one being used by the active vm on the smaller disk image?

Hi John,

Sorry just seen that you never got a response on this one!

Most likely the restore failed as you were running a newer firmware version on the old one. Once you’ve activated it you should be able to upgrade it and then restore the backup.

Best regards,