Module 2 malfunction

Hi I am having difficulty with Module 2.
Module 1 worked ok on Friday and Module 3 seems to be working OK now.
Module 2 opens after clicking Load Prezi but then freezes a few words in.
I have restarted IE and cleared the cache but it still freezes.

Hi Graham,

I’ve checked this module just now and it works fine for me on two or three different computers (Windows and Mac using Chrome). It sounds like your Browser or Adobe flash installation may be having problems with the Prezi content. Could you try it on a different computer or more modern browser than IE?


I, too am having issues with modules misbehaving. It is happening for all modules as far as I can see. The issue is that the walk throughs jump to the next slide before completing. If you go back from the slide that has been jumped to, the walk-through continues from where it it left off. I have tested in Firefox and Chrome and the behavious is the same. I have tried to uploaded video to illustrate but as new user I am prohibited…

update, seems to be only on modules 5 & 6 …

Hi Tim,

From your description it seems like you are hitting auto-play in the bottom left hand corner of the Prezi, which just zooms through with a fixed period on each view. This isn’t at all useful.

Watching each segment, making any notes you need, and then advancing onto the next one when ready using the right arrow is the recommended way of working with the material. I think there is a description of this in the Overview so may be worth reviewing this to see if that is the issue.

Thanks Rob, just been pointed out to me - still not very obvious though…