Out of hours voicemail


We have uploaded a recorded message to play when the phones are out of hours. We would like this to then go to voicemail and send an email. This is all working ok but after our recorded message we then get ‘Extensions 252 is not available right now, please leave a message…’ is there a way to get rid of this second message please?

I guess you are saying that you’ve already put the out of hours message as a welcome message on an extension or similar, so the standard voicemail into is extraneous. There are a couple of solutions to this:

  1. Put the out of hours message on the voicemail box instead of extension welcome

  2. Record an empty voicemail busy and unavailable message

In either case you will still always get the “leave your message after the tone” from the VM system, but you can remove the “Person at extension 252 is [busy|unavailable]” bit by recording a custom message via a phone.

Thanks - had thought about putting it on the voicemail box, good to know we can’t get rid of the ‘leave your message’ part