Please confirm how the ipcortex routes VoIP traffic

Hi All,

Thanks again for your help.

I would like to know how a call is routed through the ipcortex? Call setup, call data, call closed?

If i have a mobile that calls a DDI on the PBX, does the PBX set up another connection back to the mobile? So one connection for inbound and one connection for outbound?

The reason why I ask is that despite asking previously about whether or not the PBX can work with VPN’s I am still unable to route traffic back to the VPN user.

Therefore I am now under the impression that the PBX after receiving the initial opening call from an external phone to the internal DDI then set’s up a new call to the external phone from within the PBX, causing the VPN’d user to have issue receiving the call as the traffic is not encrypted coming from the PBX back over the VPN.

Thanks in advance

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