RTC call failed:Rejected

I’ve been following the tutorial on https://developer.ipcortex.co.uk/samp/call-manage/, pretty much verbatim. However, calling isn’t working and on the device.dial method callback, I simply get “RTC call failed:Rejected” and I can’t see anything to help me figure out why.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Tim,
If you are using the example code verbatim then it is more likely to be a PBX configuration or external factor. The first thing to check is that a keevio call works on the same PBX, using the same user and in the same browser. If not then refer to your reseller or installer as that would be a configuration issue with the PBX.

If that works then close the keevio copy. Depending on the firmware version, trying to use keevio - which uses RTC phone, and the same functionality in an API instance can cause one of them to fail.

Which browser and version are you using? (the RTC functionality only works in Chrome and recent Firefox).


Hi Rob,

Thanks for the suggestions.

The Keevio client can call internal persons like ‘user1’, ‘user2’ etc. (This is the demo VirtualBox by the way). But can’t call anyone else. So if it’s a PBX configuration issue, which PBX settings stop the user from calling externally?

I’m using Chrome v52.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Tim,
That depends on how you have configured the external SIP trunk to actually get the calls out. You’ll need to talk to your SIP trunk provider/installer to work out what has been configured and why it isn’t working.

Okay. Thanks for your help!