Sample Queue Wallboard

Can you think of any reason why it might not return individual user stats on the queues including calls handled, call times etc, but correctly tracks calls handled on a queue, as well as time since last call?

No code changes to your example have been made other than setting the admin login credentials. Running IPCortex Pro software version 5.1.5

Do you get any errors in the console, or anything like “Failed to hook queue”?

Hi Jamie,

Yes, I can see two instances of this error:

Failed to hook queue 00110! (Error -206 - Queue hook request matched no queues)
Failed to hook queue 10007! (Error -206 - Queue hook request matched no queues)
and a further error message:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘history’ of undefined

I should note there are 11 queues active according to the operator panel in the management interface, interestingly, whilst 00110 and 10007 are active queues, they do not appear in the ipCortex back end either.

Any ideas on how this may be cured?

We’re currently collecting our Queue statistics via the Asterisk Management Interface and I know ipCortex are keen to see people move away from that in favour of your APIs so it’s of mutual interest I get this up and running.

Many thanks,


Hi James,

If these two queues aren’t being shown in our back end either then it is likely to be something about the configuration of the queues rather than an API issue as such.

We should probably take a look at this from a configuration angle, so please could you raise a ticket with your support provider, by all means reference this thread, but also let them know what you see in our queue panel and we will pick it up with them from there. If we resolve it for the queue panel, that will almost certainly resolve the API issue too which is probably secondary.


Hi Rob,

Thank you for your response. We have converted those two queues to groups, they were for test purposes and had users without handsets assigned which likely explains the issues.

I have still got the (4) Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘history’ of undefined error cropping up, so still do not have individual call times, counts etc. being populated.

The error is being thrown in this section:

for(var k in queue.get(‘members’)) {
// Enable history events for each device we get

I would assume we must have some users without devices - can you think of a simple way to test whether a device exists here so we are not trying to enable history on a non-existent device?

Any suggestions for this error, or again, do I need to go via the reseller to try and have this resolved?



Oddly enough I don’t get this error on 6.0.11. Easiest fix would be something like:

if(queue.get('members')[k].hasOwnProperty('device')) {
    // Enable history events for each device we get

Let me know how you get on.