The manual says our phone can be auto provisioned, but it is not working

  1. It is possible that the phone is requesting its configuration from the wrong server (some phones come with this field pre-set). Try doing a factory reset of the phone.

  2. The DHCP server that the phone gets its IP address from must have the “066: TFTP Server Name” parameter set. The PABX administration guide has details on configuring this setting on Unix or Windows DHCP servers. If your DHCP server does not support custom parameters, auto-configuration will not function.

  3. The DHCP server will also be handing out DNS server addresses to the phone. It is required that ALL of these DNS servers can resolve the full hostname of the PABX to the correct IP address. A common error is to use a made-up domain-name for the PABX, but still use and Internet DNS server that cannot resolve this name on the phone.

  4. Auto-configuration of more recent models of phone may not be supported by your version of the PABX software. An upgrade may be necessary.