Upgrading v5 to v6

I’m about to upgrade our software from V5 to V6 and would just like to know if there are any caveats to this process. All phone types we use are listed below.

Polycom IP335
Polycom IP430
Polycom IP450
Polycom VVX300
Polycom IP6000

Current software version 5.1.6 nd we are supported up to 6.0.17 which is the version I am going to install

Hi Matt,

If this is a production system under a support contract then you should probably get the reseller involved to perform this for you. They will be trained and familiar with all of the steps in the process, phone firmware versions involved, back-out strategy etc. The 5.0 release is several years old. PBX firmware changes generally add functionality rather than changing existing features, but the jump will definitely involve a phone firmware upgrade which may give some changes in phone behaviour.

The only other thing I would note is that 6.0 is really quite old now, and 6.1 is the current shipping release.